Monday, March 11, 2013

To Beat Big Oil All You Gotta Do is Remove Their Sources of Power!

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If you’re concerned about climate change, you’ve probably thought “How do you take on the fossil fuel industry?!  They have all that money! They have all that power!  All the Republicans in Washington vote their way every time!  It’s IMPOSSIBLE!”

Oh, stop that!  Nothing’s impossible.  Yes, all those things are true, BUT, the people who are stopping climate solutions are not giant ogres with titanic strength.  They’re mostly a bunch of old guys with bad cholesterol.  

Their “power” comes from the people who cooperate with them!  Fossil fuel employees cooperate because they get their paychecks from them. Congressmen and Senators cooperate because they afraid of getting primaried—that’s a new verb—means they’re afraid they’ll seem too reasonable!  And the people who watch Fox News cooperate because they’ll do anything Fox News tells ‘em! “This is Sean Hannity saying “Touch my loins”, “Okay Sean!” “This is Megyn Kelly saying…”  

I’m not listening!  Even I’d  probably what Megyn Kelly asked me!  She’s too pretty I can’t stand it!

And yet, global warming is, literally, destroying the world!  Not just the ice pack that I roam in search of an honest meal, but the ENTIRE FUCKING WORLD! 

Texas: Check. 
Oklahoma: Check. 
Wall Street: Check.

Everyone who denies climate change cannot expect to run off to a blissful kingdom where gentle rains fall and abundant crops grow and rivers run full.  They cannot all escape to some giant Koch Brothers’ Survival Cave under Cheyenne Mountain.  

There’s no refuge!  Climate change is gonna clock them all upside the head forever and always if we don’t stand up and do something about it SOON.

That would qualify as incentive!  The banking CEO who gets Republican lawmakers to vote his way may decide they need to do something about climate change.  The rancher, who loves Fox News, may tell his senator that he and his neighbors are losing everything to the heat. the fossil fuel employee may decide that his paycheck pails in comparison with a livable planet for his kids! 

But how do we get those people riled up enough to help?

Gee, let’s see….If only there was some way we could get them all to realize climate change is not some hoax.   Hmmm…. 

Duh!  It’s gonna be HOT again next summer!  We’ll have more disastrous storms!  Hell, New York City may get hit with ANOTHER hurricane.  It’s happened two years in a row, why stop there?!

But listen, humans, the real challenge is not to change the hearts and minds of the people who DON’T believe.   What’s gonna make all the difference is when the people who DO believe change THEIR hearts and minds.  We need to be strong!  Brave!  Determined!  Active, not passive!  Committed to removing your consent from a system that's slowly but surely killing everything we cherish about the world. 

You need to be more like POLAR BEARS goddamnit!  And I don’t mean nice, gentle coca-cola polar bears, but Pissed-off polar bears!  Nonviolent pissed-off polar bears.  

Alright!  Now, we’re talkin’!


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